Henry Hudson


Little is know of Henry Hudson's life other than the four voyages for which he is famous. The first two were undertaken on behalf of the Muscovy company of England, and the object was to find a path from Europe to China by passing North of Russia during the summer months. It was thought that the ice melted for long enough during the summer that a ship might be able to pass along the northern shore of Russia, but Hudson failed in these endeavors, and became far more interested in search for a passage by way of North America.

In 1609 Hudson undertook his most famous voyage on behalf the Dutch East India Company. During this trip he explored Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, and followed the Hudson river as far as Albany. He met with Indians on this trip and returns with great quantities of furs and other valuables, and claimed the territory around the Hudson River for Holland. The following year, he determined to return to the Americas, this time under the flag of England. This time he sailed farther North and entered Hudson Bay. He was unable to complete his explorations before winter set in, so the crew wintered on the southern shore of Hudson Bay. When he tried to resume his explorations the following year however, most of his crew mutinied, and he was cast adrift with his son and several other loyal followers. The crew returned to England.

Key events during the life of Henry Hudson:

Birth of Henry Hudson
Hired by Muscovy company to find passage to China by way of Northern Europe.
Second attempt to find passage to China from Norwegian Sea fails.
Explored Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, and the Hudson River.
Returned to America under the British Flag. Wintered in Canada.
Perished during a mutiny in Hudson Bay.

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