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Lady Jane Grey was a great-grand-daughter of Henry VII, but her descent was traced through the female line, her grandmother being the elder sister of Henry VIII. Her parents were very strict, but she was exceptionally bright, and with the help of a tutor, showed herself to be an exceptional student. She mastered Greek, Latin French and Italian, and many other subjects at a very young age.

She was at one time considered as a bride for Edward VI of England, but he died at a young age, before any marriage was consummated. Instead, she was forced to marry Lord Dudley, the son of the Duke of Northumberland, who, against her wishes, proclaimed her Queen of England. This attempt to prevent Mary I, the eldest daughter of Henry VIII and a Roman Catholic, from assuming the throne however, was doomed to failure, and Jane was tried for treason. She was sentenced to death, but was spared by Queen Mary, who was fond of her cousin, and did not blame her for the rebellion. Unfortunately, another protestant rebellion broke out the following year, which again had the object of placing Lady Jane on the throne. This time, in spite of her personal innocence, Lady Jane was executed along with all of the other conspirators.

Key events during the life of Lady Jane Grey:

Lady Jane is born.
Sent to live with Catherine Parr, sixth bride of Henry VIII.
Death of Duke of Somerset; rise of Duke of Northumberland
Death of Edward VI; Marriage to Lord Dudley
Northumberland proclaims Lady Jane Queen of England; deposed after nine days.
Protestant rebellion led by Thomas Wyatt.
Lady Jane is executed after second rebellion

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Lady Jane Grey
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Short Biography
Mary Tudor Eldest daughter of Henry VIII. Tried to restore Catholicism to England.
Edward VI Raised as a protestant, Edward's brief reign was controlled largely by his uncles, the Dukes of Somerset and Northumberland.
Duke of Somerset Regent of Edward VI who fell from power and was executed for Treason
Duke of Northumberland Regent of Edward VI, who tried to make Jane Grey Queen of England.
Elizabeth I Led England through tumultuous age of reformation and discovery. Reigned 45 years.