Joan of Arc

(Jeanne d' Arc)


Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France, soldiers, prisoners, and women. She was extremely influential during the Hundred Years’ War, effectively leading the French to victory by inspiring the troops with a hope that they had not felt for many years. She assisted in bringing about the coronation of Charles VII as the French king, and she is one of history’s greatest female war heroes.

Joan of Arc
Joan was born in the midst of the Hundred Years War, which had begun 75 years ago. At the time of her birth, France had already been forced to cede a large portion of territory to the British, with little hope of recompense. When she was only twelve years old, St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret appeared to her in a vision, beseeching her to drive the English from France and bring Charles VII to Reims to be crowned king. She immediately set out for the French Court, where, after correctly predicting an unexpected French loss in the currently waging Battle of the Herrings, she was admitted entrance. During a private conference, she greatly impressed Charles VII, and she was permitted to ride with the troops to boost their morale. While the extent of her influence during the first battles in unknown, she gained much notoriety when, against the decision of her commander, she led an assault on the main English stronghold, winning back French territory. Led by her visions of the saints, she aggressively vanquished every city that the French army encountered on their journey to Reims. Only a day after reaching the city, Charles was crowned king of France. Joan’s first mission was accomplished.

After participating in several minor battles, Joan was captured during a Burgundian siege and held prisoner. Her family had no money to ransom her, and, after several failed escape attempts, she was sold to the British and put on trial for heresy. Despite her amazing eloquence during the trial, she was deemed guilty and burned at the stake. She was beatified in 1909 and canonized eleven years later. She is a well-known saint in the Catholic Church and still holds great importance in French history.

Key events during the life of Joan of Arc:

Start of Hundred Years' War
Born in Domremy, France
Experienced her first of many visions of the saints
Led an assault on the main English stronghold, won the battle for France
Charles VII was coronated at Reims
Captured by Burgundian troops, later purchased by the English
Put on trial for heresy to undermine King Charles
Died by being burned at the stake
Canonized by Pope Benedict XV

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Charles the Bold Duke of Burgundy who fought France in the Burgundian Wars. At his death his domains passed to the Hapsburgs.
Colette of Corbie French Abbess and founder of the Poor Clares.