Julia Caesara


Julia Caesaria was the only biological daughter of Caesar Augustus. Her mother was Scribonia, the first wife of Augustus, but he divorced her soon after Julia was born in order to marry Livia. Julia was raised in the same household as Drusus and Tiberius, the sons of Livia. She was married at an early age to her cousin Marcellus, but he died after only two years, and Julia was a widow at 16. Augustus soon married her off to Agrippa, his chief minister in government. Julia bore Agrippa five children over the next twelve years. When Agrippa suddenly died, however, Julia was left a widow for a second time, and was still a relatively young woman. Augustus again forced her to marry for political reasons, this time to her step brother Tiberius, who was no more enthusiastic about the match than she was. This marriage, of course, was a disaster. Within five years Tiberius was so upset with the situation that he withdrew to the island of Rhodes, and Julia began living a life of indulgence and dissipation.

This situation prevailed, with much bad feelings on all sides, until Julia was caught having an affair with a son of Antony, the long time rival of Augustus. This, on top of her past transgressions, permanently destroyed her relationship with her father. She was banished from Rome and spent the rest of her life in exile. During her long exile, several of her children died, including Caius and Lucius, both heirs to the imperial throne.

Key events during the life of Julia Ceasaria:

39 BC
Octavius divorced Julia's mother Scribonia to marry Livia the year of her birth.
25 BC
Married cousin Marcellus, the presumed heir to the empire.
27 BC
Widowed at age 16 when Marcellus died.
21 BC
Married to Agrippa, chief minister of Augustus.
20 BC
Birth of first son, Gaius Caesar.
19 BC
Birth of daughter, Vispania Julia.
17 BC
Birth of second son, Lucius Caesar. Travels with Agrippa to the East.
14 BC
Birth of Agrippina the Elder (wife of Germanicus) while residing in Athens.
13 BC
Returned to Rome after extended trip to the East.
12 BC
Death of husband Agrippa. Birth of son Agrippa Postumus.
11 BC
Forced (unwillingly) to marry Tiberius.
Tiberius, extremely estranged from Julia, retires to Rhodes.
Accused of Promiscuity. Divorced from Tiberius, disinherited and banished.
Moved from island exile to Rhegium.
Died of starvation in captivity.

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Short Biography
Tiberius Second emperor. Stepson of Augustus. Retired to Capri.
Agrippa Most trusted general and advisor of Augustus Caesar. Married Augustus's daughter Julia.
Augustus Caesar First emperor. Reigned for over fifty years. Established the Imperial system.
Scribonia First wife of Octavius, and mother of Julia. Joined her in exile.
Agrippa Postumus Only surviving son of Julia and Agrippina, bypassed for emperor by Tiberius.