Merriwether Lewis


Meriwether Lewis was born in Virginia, but in 1780 he moved with his mother and stepfather to Georgia, where his older brother became his guardian. While in Georgia, he developed his interest in natural history and improved his skills as an outdoorsman. He also established contact with the Cherokee people, who saw him as a champion among his people. In 1793, Lewis graduate from Liberty Hall and joined the Virginia militia. Shortly thereafter, he was sent to subdue members of the Whiskey Rebellion, and upon his return he joined the U.S. Army, where he served as lieutenant until 1801. At that time, he was appointed as an aide to President Thomas Jefferson, whom he knew personally, and soon after he was chosen to set out on an expedition to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Lewis and Clark
The goal of Lewis and Clark’s expedition across the country was two-fold: to study the local wildlife and geography, and to find a Northwest Passage through which goods could be more easily exchanged with Asia. They were accompanied by thirty-three other travelers, including a young Shoshone woman named Sacajawea, who helped them communicate and trade with the various tribes along their journey. The party reached the Pacific Ocean in 1805, concluding their journey in present-day Oregon. The two men failed to find a commercial route to Asia, but they reported extensively on animal and plant life and Indian cultures, and their success strengthened the notion that the U.S. would someday reach from coast to coast.

Upon his return, Lewis received 1,600 aces of land and was appointed governor of the Louisiana Territory. He made arrangements to publish the journals he had kept while on his trek across the country, but he was shot while on his journey to Washington, D.C. Whether his death was a suicide is widely debated; he was found injured by several gunshot wounds, including one that took off part of his skull, and he died shortly after sunrise the next day.

Key events during the life of Meriwether Lewis:

Moved to Georgia with his mother and stepfather.
Graduated from Liberty Hall (now Washington and Lee University).
Helped put down the Whiskey Rebellion.
Served in the U.S. Army.
Expedition to the Pacific Coast.
Appointed governor of the Louisiana Territory.
Killed by multiple gunshot wounds.

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