Louise of Prussia


Louise of Prussia was Queen of Prussia during the Napoleonic Wars, and mother of Kaiser William I, the first emperor of a United Germany. Louise was beloved and respected by her subjects for her stateliness and her bravery. She accompanied her husband to the front of several battles and stood strong while Napoleon attempted to tarnish her reputation. She inspired her country to resist the French and is still a popular figure in German history.

Louise was born in Hanover to a princess and a field marshal. At seventeen, she met the future King Frederick William III, where he was so impressed by her beauty and good character that he married her within the year. She was much admired by the Prussian people, particularly for her dignity and courage when faced with the hardships she encountered during the Napoleonic Wars. Before the war, the young queen rode alongside her husband at several battles, but, realizing that her country was at the mercy of the French, Louise appealed to Napoleon. The Emperor refused her request and went on to ridicule her throughout the war, but his attempts to sabotage her reputation only made her more beloved in the eyes of her people. Queen Louise died in the arms of her husband while visiting her father in Strelitz. She was buried near the palace at Charlottenburg, where a mausoleum was built over her grave.

Key events during the life of Louise of Prussia:

Born in Hanover
Met and married King Frederick William III
Stood at the front line with her husband during the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt
Appealed to Napoleon I without success
Died in her husband's arms

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Queen Louise of Prussia.
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Queen Louise and her two sons.
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Short Biography
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