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d. 510 BC
Civilization: Roman — Rome
   Field of Renown:  heroine — Martyr
Era:  Kingdom

Lucretia was the wife of a Roman nobleman. She was attacked and violated by Sextus Tarquin, the son of King Tarquin Superbus. She committed suicide because of this humiliation. As a result, several Roman nobles, including her husband, Junius Brutus, and Publius Valerius swore to avenge her, by driving the entire Tarquin family out of Rome forever.

Key events during the life of lucretia:

510 BC
Assaulted by Sextus Tarquin, committed suicide.

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Short Biography
Sextus Tarquin Son of Tarquin Superbus, violated Lucretia.
Collatinus Roman noble, husband of Lucretia.
Junius Brutus First Consul of Rome; executed sons for plotting against the republic.
Publicola Consul of Rome during the wars with Porsena.