Marcus Manlius

(Marcus Manlius Capitolinus)

d. 384 BC

Marcus Manlius was the captain of the guards of the citadel on Capitoline Hill when the Gauls overran Rome. He heard the geese squawking and slew the Gauls that were climbing up the rock on the side of the Capitol. He was wealthy, and after the war used his money to help the poor people of Rome. For this he was called "Father of the Commons". The patricians became alarmed at his influence, had him tried for treason, and threw him off Tarpeian Rock.

Key events during the life of Marcus Manlius:

392 BC
Elected consul.
390 BC
Took refuge in Capitol when Rome was taken, and fought off Gauls.
384 BC
Tried for treason by jealous patricians, and thrown off Tarpeian Rock.

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