Margaret of Scotland

(Margaret Aetheling)


St Margaret.
Saint Margaret was the queen of Malcolm III. Canmore king of Scotland, was the daughter of the English prince Edward, son of Edmund Ironside, and sister of Edgar Aetheling, and was probably born in Hungary. In 1067 the widow and children of Edward fled from Northumberland with a large number of followers and sought the protection of the Scottish king. The marriage of Malcolm and Margaret soon took place and was followed by several invasions of Northumberland by the Scottish king, probably in support of the claims of his brother-in-law Edgar. These, however, had little result beyond the devastation of the province. Far more important were the effects of this alliance upon the history of Scotland.

A considerable portion of the old Northumbrian kingdom had been reduced by the Scottish kings in the previous century, but up to this time the English population had little influence upon the ruling element of the kingdom. Malcolm's marriage undoubtedly improved the condition of the English to a great extent, and under Margaret's sons, Edgar, Alexander I. and David I., the Scottish court practically became anglicized. Margaret died on the 17th of November 1093, four days after her husband and her eldest son Edward, who were slain in an invasion of Northumberland. She rebuilt the monastery of Iona, and was canonized in 1251 on account of her great benefactions to the Church.

— From the 1911 Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

Key events during the life of Saint Margaret of Scotland:

Birth of St. Margaret in Hungary.
Margaret and her brother Edgar return from exile to claim English throne.
Death of Margaret's uncle, Edward the Confessor.
Throne of England assumed first by Harold Godwine, and then by William the Conqueror.
Margaret and Edward flee England to the court Malcolm Canmore, the Scottish king.
Marriage of Margaret to Malcolm Canmore.
Malcolm leads a campaign into Northumbria in support of Edgar's claim.
  Margaret has highly civilizing influence on Malcolm's reign. Feeds poor, attends mass, etc.
Death of Malcolm and his son at the Battle of Alne.
Death of St. Margaret.

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Short Biography
Edgar Aetheling Brother of St. Margaret and rightful heir to the Saxon thone.
Malcolm Canmore Long reigning King of Scotland, married St. Margaret, befriended Saxon exiles from Normans.
Maude the Good Scottish wife of Henry I. Grandmother of Henry II. Patron and benefactor to poor of England.
Edward the Confessor Last Saxon king of the Wessex line. Raised in Normandy, befriended William the Conqueror.
William the Conqueror Claimed the crown of England and won it at the Battle of Hastings. Ruled forcefully but justly.