Pere Marquette


Jacques Marquette was a French Jesuit missionary who founded the Michigan settlements of Sault St. Marie and St. Ignace. He, along with his companion Louis Joliet, was the first European to visit and map the northernmost portion of the Mississippi River.

Marquette was born in Laon, France, and he became a member of the Society of Jesus at the age of seventeen. He was first sent by his superiors to Quebec, where he served as a missionary to the native peoples. The young Jesuit was later transferred to an area near the Great Lakes, and he founded missions at Sault St. Marie and La Pointe. Here Marquette learned about the grandeur of the Mississippi River, and he requested leave to explore it. Permission was granted, and he and French-Canadian explorer Louis Joliet set out from Lake Michigan. After canoeing up the Fox River, they carried their boats for nearly two miles before arriving at the source of the Mississippi. Joliet returned to Quebec to report their discovery, while Marquette’s party continued forth to the Illinois Territory, remaining with the region’s indigenous people for the winter. After saying a public Mass at the grand Village of the Illinois, he set out for Michigan but passed away en route, his failed health due to a bout of dysentery. He was buried in St. Ignace.

Key events during the life of Jacques Marquette:

Joined the Society of Jesus
Went to Canada as a missionary to the indigenous peoples
Founded missions at Sault St. Marie and La Pointe
Traveled from Lake Michigan to the start of the Mississippi River
Returned to the Illinois territory
Celebrated Mass at the Grand Village of the Illinois
Passed away on the return trip to St. Ignace

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