~ 555 BC

Megacles was the name of several Characters in the history of the city of Athens. The most well known two were both members of the Alcmaeonidae clan, which was a very powerful Athens family for most of the city's history. Among the famous descendents of the Almcmaeonidae were Cleisthenes(fl. 508 B.C.), who laid the foundations of Athenian democracy, Pericles (fl. 450 B.C.) who ruled Athens during its Golden age, and Alcibiades (fl. 420 B.C.), who was an important character during the Peloponnesian War.

The elder Megacles was one of the early members of the Alcmaeonidae clan. He was a contemporary of Draco (fl. 620 B.C.) and is most famous for his opposition to the Tyrant Cylon. Megacles and his clan killed Cylon when he was still protected by a temple sanctuary, and therefore brought about the indignation of the townspeople, who feared the wrath of the Gods. The entire Alcmaeonidae clan was exiled.

A few generations later however, the Younger Megacles (fl. 540 B.C.) appeared on the scene. He was a sometimes ally, and sometimes enemy of Pisistratus. Due to his intrigues the Alcmaeonidae were again exiled. The younger Megacles is most well known for his celebrated marriage to Agariste, daughter of Cleisthenes of Sicyon, and the fact that he was father to Cleisthenes of Athens, and great-grandfather to Pericles.

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Short Biography
Pisistratus Tyrant of Athens. Respected Solon's laws. Established festivals, and promoted culture.
Agariste Wife of Megacles, daughter of Cliesthenes of Sicyon. Mother of Cliesthenes of Athenes.