Ruler of the Aztec empire at the time of the Spanish conquest. Captured by the Spanish and killed during revolt.

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In the City of Mexico  in  A Child's History of Spain  by  John Bonner
Cortes Conquers the Aztec Empire  in  The Story of Mexico  by  Charles Morris
In the City of Mexico  in  Hernando Cortes Conqueror of Mexico  by  Frederick A. Ober
Montezuma  in  Brave Men and Brave Deeds  by  M. B. Synge
Montezuma  in  The Discovery of New Worlds  by  M. B. Synge

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The Death of Montezuma
 in South American Fights and Fighters

The kind King Montezuma wanted peace, and said that he would give the Spaniards more gold if they would only go back to their own country.
 in The Men Who Found America

 in Mexico

Return to your homes. Lay down your arms.'
 in Mexico

Montezuma, Emperor of Mexico
 in The Story of Mexico

The fall of Montezuma
 in The Story of Mexico

Montezuma Xocojotzin
 in Young Folks' History of Mexico

Meeting of Cortez and Montezuma
 in Young Folks' History of Mexico

 in Hernando Cortes Conqueror of Mexico

Montezuma's Appeal
 in Brave Men and Brave Deeds

He is a slave no longer' said Montezuma
 in Our Little Aztec Cousin of Long Ago