410–330 BC

Parmenio was a Macedonian general in the service of Philip II and he was the chief general and advisor to Alexander the Great. He was largely responsible for the planning and execution of the Macedonian invasion of Persia. During the reign of Philip Parmenio obtained a great victory over the Illyrians (356 B.C.); he was one of the Macedonian delegates appointed to conclude peace with Athens, and in 342 B.C. was sent with an army to uphold Macedonian influence in Euboea. Shortly after Alexander came to the throne he was assigned to make preparations for the reduction of Asia. He led the left wing in the battles of the Granicus, Issus and Gaugamela.

Only a few years after his great victory at Guagamela, Alexander was informed that Philotas, son of Parmenio, was involved in a conspiracy against him. Philotas was condemned by the army and put to death and Alexander, thinking it dangerous to allow the father to live, sent orders to Media for the assassination of Parmenio. There was no proof that Parmenio was in any way implicated in the conspiracy, but he was not even afforded the opportunity of defending himself.

—Adapted from the 1911 Encylopaedia Britannica.

Key events during the life of Parmenio:

356 BC
Under Philip II, won a great victory over the Illyrians.
346 BC
Ambassador to Athens after the Sacred War.
336 BC
Began preparations for invasion of Persia.
334 BC
Fought at Granicus.
333 BC
Fought at Issus
331 BC
Fought at Gaugamela.
330 BC
Assassinated by Alexander because his son was involved in a conspiracy.

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Short Biography
Philip of Macedonia Used statesmanship as well as military force to bring Greece under sway of Macedonia.
Alexander the Great Greatest general of ancient times. Conquered Persian Empire with 40,000 soldiers.
Philotas Son of Parmenio, who was implicated in a conspiracy against Alexander.