(Pythius the Lydian)

~ 480 BC

Pythius was a very wealthy governor, thought to be a relative of the family of Croesus. The story is told in Herodotus, of Xerxes's visit to Pythius on his way through Asia Minor. Pythius hosted him in the most marvelous fashion and lavished money and supplies upon his army which was on its way to the Bosporus. Xerxes was delighted with his generosity and hospitality and magnanimously refused much of what he offered. Xerxes's goodwill later emboldened Pythius to make a small request, that the eldest of his five sons be released from duty in Xerxes army, so that he might care for his father in his old age. Xerxes was greatly incensed by this request, which he thought implied that his mission to Greece may be a failure. He had the eldest son of Pythius slain, and cut in half, and marched his entire army between the two halves, as a warning to all who expressed doubt or reservation about service to their King.

Key events during the life of pythius:

480 BC
Xerxes visited Pythius on his way through Asia Minor to the Bosporus.

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Short Biography
Xerxes Raised an enormous army for Persian invasion of Greece. Defeated at Battle of Salamis.