d. 778

Nephew of Charlemagne and legendary hero of his wars. Died at Roncesvalles.

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Roland Becomes a Knight  in  Old Time Tales  by  Lawton B. Evans
Roland, A Knight of France  in  Page, Esquire, and Knight  by  Marion Florence Lansing
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Roland at Roncesvalles  in  Historical Tales: French  by  Charles Morris
Hero of Two Nations  in  The Discovery of New Worlds  by  M. B. Synge

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Reynaud Kneeling to Roland
 in Stories of Charlemagne

Death of Roland
 in The Story of Old France

Roland seized once more his horn.
 in The Book of Myths

Roland and Oliver
 in Page, Esquire, and Knight

So the twain are there dubbed knight, Courteous and brave and of great might
 in Page, Esquire, and Knight

The Emperor sits in an orchard wide, Roland and Oliver by his side
 in Page, Esquire, and Knight

Oh Durindana, my peerless blade, What victories thou and I have made.'
 in Page, Esquire, and Knight

Once more Roland blew his ivory horn
 in The Story of France

May the Lord of all glory receive your souls.'
 in Stories of Roland

I hate thee,' hissed Ganelon
 in Stories of Roland

With all the strength left in his weary body he blew
 in Stories of Roland

Count Roland at the Battle of Roncesvalles
 in European Hero Stories