771–716 BC

Romulus was the founder, and first king of the city of Rome. According to legend, he was the son of Mars, and descended from Aeneas on his mother's side. As a baby, he was cast into a river, along with his twin brother Remus, by their jealous uncle, but found and nursed by a she-wolf, then raised by a shepherd. After avenging themselves on their uncle, they founded the city of Rome on the hill where they were discovered as infants. Romulus accidentally killed Remus, becoming Rome's first king. He offered sanctuary to exiles, refugees, criminals, and runaway slaves if they became citizens of his new city. He and his men acquired wives by kidnapping them from neighboring tribes. Nonetheless, Rome grew into a thriving city under his reign.

Key events during the life of romulus:

Birth, adoption by she-wolf
Founding of Rome
  Capture of Sabine women
  War with Sabine nation

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Short Biography
Remus Twin brother of Romulus, killed in a conflict over who should rule the new city.
Rhea Silvia Mother of twins, Vestal Virgin
Faustulus Shepherd who raised the twins
Numitor Deposed king of Alba Longa, restored to his throne by his grandsons, Romulus and Remus.