Mucius Scaevola

(Caius Mucius Scaevola)

535–509 BC

Mucius Scaevola was a young Roman who formed a plan of saving Rome by assassinating Lars Porsenna in his camp shortly after the foundation of the Republic (approx 508 B.C.). When he was caught he was brought before Porsenna but defied him by burning his right hand in a fire and swearing eternal vengeance on all enemies of Rome. Porsenna was so impressed with his bravery that he agreed to make a treaty with Rome.

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Mucius scaevola before Lars Porsenna
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Mucius Defying Porsena
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Short Biography
Lars Porsena Etruscan king, and supporter of the Tarquins who raised an army to march against Rome.
Horatius Hero who held the Sublican Bridge against Porsena's entire army.