Philip Schuyler


Born into an affluent family, Philip Schuyler was a general in the American Revolutionary War who later served as a U.S. Senator from New York. Schulyerís father passed away when he was only seven, and the young boy was sent to his motherís familyís estate to be educated. During the French and Indian War, Philip raised a militia company and was chosen as its captain by his cousin, Lt. Governor James Delancey. That same year, he married Catherine Van Rensselaer, cementing his relationship with yet another wealthy New York family. Schuyler continued to serve in the army after his marriage, taking on the additional post of quartermaster, and in 1761 he made a trip to England for supplies, during which his mansion in Albany was built. Upon his return, he also began construction on a country estate in Saratoga, which housed a store and several mills on its expansive acreage.

Schuyler first entered the political scene in 1768, when he joined the New York Assembly. He served in the position until 1775, when he was elected to the Continental Congress for a brief period before being made a Major General in the Continental Army. He took command of the Northern Department and began planning an invasion of Canada, though he later became too ill to lead the mission. Schuyler also prepared a defense against the British Saratoga Campaign, but he soon found himself replaced as general by Horatio Gates, who had accused Philip of reckless behavior while on duty. The Army, with Gates now at its head, went on to win the Battle of Saratoga, a major turning point during the war.

Schuylerís charges were later dropped, and he resigned from the military in April 1779. He went on to serve in two more assemblies of the Continental Congress, once in 1779 and again in 1780. After the second session, he was elected to the New York Senate as well as made New York State Surveyor General. In 1789, he became a senator in the first U.S. Congress, and after losing a second election he regained the position in 1797. He retired after only one year due to poor health, and in 1804 he passed away.

Key events during the life of Philip Schuyler:

Father passed away.
Served as captain during the French and Indian War..
  Married Catherine Van Rensselaer.
Travelled to England for supplies for the French and Indian War.
  His Albany mansion was built.
Expanded his country estate at Saratoga.
Served in the New York Assembly.
Elected to the Continental Congress.
  Appointed a Major General in the Continental Army.
  Invasion of Canada.
Replaced by General Horatio Gates.
Resigned from the army.
Served in the NY State Senate.
Served as New York State Survyor General.
Returned to the State Senate.
Elected a U.S. Senator.
Returned to the State Senate.
Elected once more to the U.S. Senate.

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