Servius Tullius

d. 535 BC

Servius Tullius was the son of a slave. He was adopted by Tarquin the Elder, and married his daughter. When the elder Tarquin was assassinated, Servius contrived with his mother-in-law Tanaquil to secure the throne. He was a competent king who reorganized the army and divided the citizens into classes. He increased the size of the city, and completed building the Servian Wall. He favored the rights of the poor over the rich, and thereby became unpopular with the patrician class. He was finally murdered by his daughter and son-in-law.

Key events during the life of Servius:

  Servius marries the daughter of Tarquin the Elder.
579 BC
Gained the throne when Tarquin was murdered through the contrivance of his mother-in-law.
  Gained a victory over Veii.
  Instituted the census, and divided citizens into five classes for tax purposes.
  Completed the Servian Wall.
  Tarquin Superbus attempts to usurp the throne.
535 BC
Servius is murdered by his daughter and son-in-law.

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Short Biography
Lucius Tarquinius Cruel and violent son of Tarquin the Elder.
Aruns Tarquinius Gentle and quiet son of Tarquin the Elder.
Tullia Helped her husband Tarquin Superbus murder her father Sevius Tullus, and seize the throne of Rome.