John Smith

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John Smith
Captain John Smith is best known for his role in helping to found the permanent British colony at Jamestown, and for his relationships with Pocahontas and her father, Chief Powhatan. The four years he spent in Virginia however, were only one episode in a life of travel and adventure. John Smith was an explorer and soldier of fortune who spent most of his youth traveling around the world, and becoming involved in various scrapes. In the ten years before his adventures in Virginia, he fought battles in France, Holland and Turkey, and was actually captured and sold as a slave by the Turks. He escaped however, and traveled back to his home in England before going aboard a ship bound for the Americas.

The story of Smith's adventures in Virginia are often told because Jamestown is the oldest permanently settled colony in the United States, and is therefore a staple of Early American History. Smith's experience in Virginia did not start off well, as he argued with the captain of the voyage and nearly got himself hung. Most of the colonists were adventurers like himself who were interested in searching for gold, not building forts or farming. As a matter of survival however, Smith took a leadership role and forced everyone to pull their own weight. He also was involved in negotiations with the local Indians and befriended Pocahontas, the daughter of the local chief. Eventually Smith was injured and had to return to England, but not before helping to put the colony of Jamestown on a firm footing.

The seven years after he returned home from Virginia, he spent exploring New England and Canada on behalf of England, and some of the maps that the Pilgrims used when they settled New England a few years later, were made by Captain John Smith. The final years of Smith's life were spent writing books, including an autobiographical one that gave details of his many adventures.

Key events during the life of Captain John Smith:

Birth of John Smith
Went as an adventurer to France. Served under Henry Navarre.
Served as an English mercenary in Holland.
Fought for the Emperor against Turkey.
Taken as a prisoner by the Turks and sold as a slave.
Escaped and returned to England
Taken on board a ship to the Americas.
  Adventures with Powhatan and Pocahontas in Virginia.
Injured and returned home to England.
Explored New England and Canada.
Last voyage to New England and Canada
  Wrote books about Virginia, New England, and his lives adventures.
Death of John Smith

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Short Biography
Pocahontas Daughter of an Indian Chieftain who helped the early settlers in the Jamestown Colony in Virginia.
Powhatan Chief of the Powhatan confederacy and father of Pocahontas. Kept an uneasy peace with Jamestown settlers.
James I First Stuart king of England. Intelligent and competent, but unable to work effectively with Parliament.
John Rolfe Jamestown colonist who married Pocahontas and brought her to England.