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Solyman the Magnificent

(Suleiman the Magnificent)

Civilization: Moslem — Ottoman
   Field of Renown:  monarch — Sultan
Era:  Ottoman Rise

Most famous of the Ottoman Emperors. Extended the empire to the Balkans and North Africa.

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Solyman the Sublime  in  Famous Men of Modern Times  by  John H. Haaren
Solyman the Magnificent  in  Greatest Nations: Vol X—Turkey  by  Charles F. Horne
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Solyman at the Hellespont; Entry of the Turks into Europe
 in Greatest Nations: Vol X—Turkey

Solyman's ambassador slain by the Hungarians
 in Greatest Nations: Vol X—Turkey

Khurrem demanding the death of Ilderim
 in Greatest Nations: Vol X—Turkey

Solyman the Magnificent
 in Greatest Nations: Vol X—Turkey