(Titus Flavius Vespasianus)


Arch of Titus
The career of Titus was closely associated with that of his father Vespasian, even before they ruled together from the imperial throne. As a youth, Titus followed his father on his campaigns in Germany and Britain, and it was to Titus that Vespasian passed command of the Jewish War, which was in progress when he was elected emperor. Titus received full credit for reducing Jerusalem and received a great triumph when he returned to Rome. He was treated as a hero, and for most of his father's reign, shared many of the duties of the emperor. Like his father, Titus was a relatively benevolent ruler, and was noted for his generosity, and lavish spending on public works. He completed work on the Colosseum, and also built a lavish public bath, called the Baths of Titus. He reigned alone, after his father's death for only three years, but during that time, two notable disasters occurred. First, the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Second, a great fire in Rome destroyed much of the capital. In both instances Titus generously provided for the effected citizens. He is also remembered for putting an end to persecutions for treason that had frequently occurred, especially in the years before Vespasian.

Key events during the life of Titus:

  Served in Britain and Germany.
Served under his father Vespasian in the Jewish War in Syria.
Given charge of Jewish War when Vespasian was declared emperor.
Conquered city of Jerusalem, burned the temple.
Returned to Rome in triumph.
Given title of Caesar; reigned with father Vespasian.
Vespasian dies. Titus becomes sole ruler.
Eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Great fire in Rome.
Completed construction of the Colosseum.
Constructed the Baths of Titus. Died.

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Short Biography
Vespasian First emperor of humble origins. Founder of Flavian dynasty.
Agricola Roman general and statesman. Governor of Britain. Pacified Wales.
Domitian Third Flavian emperor. Known for purges and persecutions near end of reign.
Josephus Jewish historian. Captured by Romans at Jotapata. Wrote the Jewish War.