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~ 529 BC
Civilization: Greek — Scythia
   Field of Renown:  monarch — Queen
Era:  Eastern Empires

Queen Tomyris of the Massagetae, is one of the best known female Warriors of the ancient world. Although Cyrus defeated the rich and powerful kingdoms of Lydia, and Babylon, she defeated Persians on her own territory, and killed the Great King. The first encounter between the Persians and Massagetae went badly for Queen Tomyris; the Persians ambushed a detachment of her army and killed her son. But when the two armies met the next day in open battle, the Massagetae prevailed. Cyrus was killed, and his head was brought to Queen Tomyris.

Key events during the life of tomyris:

529 BC
Cyrus makes war on the Massagetae and is killed.

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Short Biography
Cyrus the Great Prince of Persia who overran Medes, Lydia and Assyria to create the Persian Empire.
Croesus Wealthy monarch of Lydia who lost his kingdom to Cyrus the Great.
Spargapizes Son of Tomyris, prince of Scythia, who was ambushed and killed by the Army of Cyrus.