d. 451 BC

Virginia was the daughter of the plebeian Lucius Virginius, an army officer. She had the misfortune to be desired by Appius Claudius, the chief of the ten corrupt decemvirs, who held power in Rome in 451 B.C. Appius tried to acquire her by treachery and deceit, but her father, who had tried all other possible ways of releasing her from the tyrant's grasp, killed her, rather than allow her to fall into his hands. This violence caused great outrage against the Decemvirs, resulting in their overthrow.

Key events during the life of virginia:

450 BC
Appius Claudius abuses his power in pursuit of Virginia, resulting in her death, and overthrow of decemvirs.

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The death of Virginia
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Verginius left his beautiful young daughter Verginia in the care of her nurse.
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Short Biography
Appius Claudius Evil law giver who usurped power, then attempted to enslave Virginia.
Lucius Virginius Virginia’s father, who tried to rescue her.
Icilius Virginia’s fiancé, who tried to rescue her.