d. 482 BC

Cyrus was the son of Megabyzus, one of the seven conspirators who helped put Darius on the throne of Persia. He is famous for the aid he gave Darius during the siege of Babylon, in 514 B.C. He masterminded an elaborate ruse which involved abusing and defacing himself, and taking refuge in Babylon as an enemy of Darius. From that point he was able to gain the Babylonians trust and eventually betray the city.

Key events during the life of Zopyrus:

516 BC
They Babylonians revolt against Darius.
514 BC
Babylon re-taken by Darius with great help from Zopyrus.
  Zopyrus became Satrap of Babylon
482 BC
Killed during a rebellion in Babylon, shortly after Xerxes came to power.

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The Babylonians deriding Darius.
 in Darius the Great

Short Biography
Darius the Great With six conspirators seized the throne of Persia, primarily through craft rather than force.
Megabyzus the Younger Son of Zopyrus. Satrap of Syria under Artaxerxes.
Megabyzus the Elder Father of Zopyrus. One of the seven conspirators who elevated Darius to the throne.