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The Ancient Greece Study Program covers Greek History from the age of Myth to the Hellenistic period. The first three divisions cover the Heroic age and the remaing divisions cover the founding of City States to the Macedonian conquest. (~800 to ~150 BC).

Reading Recommendations

The following books are recommended as 'core' reading assignments. The complete texts are online, or PDF and EPUB versions can be downloaded.

Greek Myths and Heroes—The Heritage Library contains almost twenty volumes dedicated to Greek Mythology and literature. The subject is so extensive that no single volume that adequately covers the topic. The following selections are Recommended Reading for the first three units of Ancient Greece. The first two cover Greek Gods and Heroes. The final two are simplified versions of the Homeric Epics.

Greek History—The following intermediate texts cover the recorded history of Greece from the early city states (around 800 B.C.) to the Hellenistic period following the conquests of Alexander the Great. They are recommended 'core' reading assignments for units four to eight.

Advanced Students—The quality of supplemental texts for advanced students in the Ancient Greece collection is outstanding. Those written by Alfred Church and Jacob Abbott are especially noteworthy. Both writers excelled at rewriting the classics in a manner that preserved their riches but made them more accessible to the general reader. We recommend the following books for advanced students, but all of the Church and Abbott selections are worthwhile:

Additional Reading Resources—The following links provide information about additional reading options for Ancient Greece.

Study Aids

Study Aids are provided to help students review important characters and events. Some resources relate to all of Greek history and others to specific historical eras.

Historical Maps Outline Maps
Timeline Major Characters
Wars and Battles Era Summaries

Study Aids organized by Historical Era

Quiz Game

The Ancient Greece History Quest program includes over 600 multiple choice questions, divided into eight subcategories. Questions are based on the Ancient Greece Reading Recommendations listed above, but the program can used with other traditional curriculums.

Students who have never studied Ancient Greece should complete the assigned reading and focus on earning "Knowledge Medals". Players who already have some knowledge of Greek history can play "History Quest" by answering progressively more difficult questions across all eight divisions.

Advanced players can also compete with other history lovers by posting their scores on the Ancient Greece Leaderboard.

The History Quest quiz game is now available from the Google Play Store, and also the Microsoft WIndows Store. It will be released for Apple devices in 2021.

Review Questions

Each of the Ancient Greece Q/A worksheets listed below includes at least 20 questions (out of 50-90 per unit) taken from the History Quest app. Answering written questions helps reinforce information learned through reading and review.

Homeschoolers or others who are studying Ancient Greece can use the written worksheets along with the History Quest quiz game to help them demonstrate mastery in each division.

Gods and Myths Q/A Heroes and Monsters Q/A
Iliad and Odyssey Q/A Early City-States Q/A
Persian War Q/A Athenian Empire Q/A
Late Classical Q/A Hellenistic Era Q/A