The International Jew

This series is based on articles printed in the Dearborn Independent that discuss the 'Jewish Problem' in the United States. The author is unknown, but the Dearborn Independent was supported by Henry Ford so he is considered the 'publisher'. In recent years there has been a concerted effort to associate these writings with Hitler and Naziism, in order to discredit them, but these charges are contrived and malicious. It is important to focus on the content of the articles rather than reacting to false charges, and make your own judgement regarding their value.

The series is composed of eighty articles published 1920-22 in the following four volumes.

Vol I: The International Jew
Vol II: Jewish Activities in the U.S.
Vol III: Jewish Influences in American Life
Vol IV: Aspects of Jewish Power in the U.S.

The articles below are well-researched and their truthfulness can be verified by referring to public documents. The author exposes the threat to the American republic posed by certain banking, business, and political cartels. He criticizes the methods of manipulation and deception common to certain Jewish leaders, but is fair-minded and seeks to engage discussion rather than foster hatred. Never-the-less, as soon as the articles were published they were immediately criticized as being "anti-Semitic", hateful, and based on a "Hoax". The goal of the critics was to discredit the publisher and dissuade people from reading the series rather than attempting to rebut any particular charges.

The reason the series was so controversial among Jewish leaders was because it exposed their methods of attaining power and mastery over American citizens and their government. Since Jewish cartels largely control the press and have enormous influence in educational systems, much information has been suppressed. Even though the series is well-researched, factually sound, and presents an extremely important perspective on American history such knowledge is never included in student histories and is largely unknown to the public.

What is this mysteriously suppressed information? The first few chapters do refer to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and a long-term plan for Jewish world domination. But most of the articles provide specific details about Jewish activities in the United States and can properly be considered a good source of Jewish-American History. Some stories relate the way in which a network of Jewish operators took control of many aspects of our national economy including the movie, music, professional sports, mining, sugar, liquor, and arms industries. There are stories explaining how international finance works, and how the creation of the Federal researve put the control of American money entirely in the hands of foreign banks. There are stories of how Jewish activists lobby for laws favorable to themselves and how they use bribery and intimidation to and influence the courts and congress. There are stories of how certain Jewish leaders prepared for WWI ahead of time, and occupied the most important positions on Woodrow Wilson's war board and how laws are manipulated to favor Jewish immigration.

These are just a few of dozens of fascinating, but somewhat disturbing stories of Jewish influence in American history. They provide insights that have been largely neglected by "official" historians. Yet the articles themselves are based largely on public records and their truth can be easily verified by any motivated researcher.

'International Jew' Series'— Organized by Topic

There are eighty articles covering a wide variety of topics and most articles can be read independently. In order to help researchers who are interested in particular topics, we have also organized the articles below by subject.

Overview     Protocols     Financial Power     Political Power     Anti-semitisim     The Press     Movies/Music     Sports/Liquor     Great War     Bolshevism     Zionism     History     Commentary    

A) Introduction—The first few articles in the series provide are a broad introduction to the 'Jewish Question' in the U.S. and Germany.

B) Protocols of the Elders of Zion— The first volume dedicates several chapters to a discussion of the recently published 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' and shows how they relate to modern conflicts and revolutions.

C) Jewish Financial Power—Discussion of monopolies, Central Banks, international finance, gold, and control of 'credit'. Other topics include the history and implications of the 'Federal Reserve' system, whereby the American money supply is controlled by an international network of Jewish-owned Banks; the careers of Jacob Schiff, Otto Kahn, and the Warburg Brothers, (all Rothschild agents in the U.S.A.); and the suspicious activities of the "Investment" firm, Kuhn, Loeb and co. (i.e. loans to Russian anarchists and the Soviet Union). And much more.

D) The Kahillah and Jewish Political Power—How local Jewish 'Kehillah's' organize Jews and use their resources to influence domestic and national governments. Relationship between the Kehillah's and the Russian 'Soviets' (A Kehillah was a local Jewish political council in Eastern Europe, related to the Bolshevik 'Soviets'.) How Jewish leaders use 'Gentile Fronts' and gentile-named firms and organizations to disguise their agenda.

E) Immigration, Assimiliation, and Anti-Semitism—These articles discusses how the American government facillitates (and disguises) massive immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe. They also discuss they way Jewish leaders seek to isolate and control Jewish immigrants, and how they complain of 'religious persection' and anti-semitism whenever they are criticized.

F) Control of Press—Articles cover the manner in which Jews control American magazine cartels, and purchase and/or drive out of business independent gentile newspapers. The phenonmenon of advertising boycotts and organized criticism of newspapers or speakers that criticize Jewish activities is discussed.

G) Control of Music/Movies/Theatre—By 1920 Jewish monopolies already controlled the American and European theatres, the Music industry, and had a distribution network that promoted 'pop' music. The author made note of the corrupting and sensual themes already predominant in the Jewish control Entertainment industry.

H) Control of Gambling/Sports/Liquor/Vice—How Jewish cartels came to control most of the American liquor market. They were also involved in gambling, corruption of major league sports, and bootlegging.

I) World War Profiteers/Insiders—These articles discuss the fact that Jewish interests seemed to expect a world War and prepared ahead of time. Wilson's closest advisors were Jewish and they passed lucrative government war contracts to their associates. Several articles dealing with the Jewish led Peace conference, and its treatment of Poland are also included.

J) Russia and Bolshevism—These articles discuss the extensive ties between Eastern European Jewry and the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

K) Zionism/Palestine—These articles were writtennsoon after Britain issued the 'Balfour' statement, supporting the future creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. They discuss the manner in which Jewish interests were able to confiscate land from the native Palestinians, and control the government of the area, in spite of being a small minority of the population.

L) Influence on America/American History—a few articles on the Jewish associates of Benedict Arnold.

M) Commentaries on Jews, and Conclusions—articles wherein Jewish authorities discuss the 'Jewish problem.'

'International Jew' Series — Organized by Volume

A Series of eighty Articles printed in the Dearborn Independent between 1920 and 1922 that address the 'Jewish Question' was reprinted in four volumes. The Contents are as follows:

Volume I: The International Jews: the World's Foremost Problem

Volume II: Jewish Activities in the United States

Volume III: Jewish Influences in American Life

Volume IV: Aspects of Jewish Power in the United States