Anglo French Wars

1119 to 1214
Miscellaneous Wars between France and England

Noteable Battles

Battle of Brenneville (Louis VI ) English victory
Fought August 20, 1119, between a small body of English cavalry under Henry I, and a similar French force under Louis VI. Though only about 900 men were engaged, and very few killed, the fight was considered a decisive victory for the English, and Louis shortly afterwards made peace, conceding Henry's terms.
Battle of Freteval (Philip Augustus ) English victory
Fought 1194, between the English under Richard Coeur de Lion, and the French under Philip Augustus. Richard gained a complete victory.
Battle of Damme (Philip Augustus ) English victory
Fought April, 1213, when an English fleet of 500 vessels under the Earl of Salisbury attacked and dispersed a large fleet of French ships designed to support Philip Augustus' invasion of Flanders. The English captured 300 and burnt too vessels, and Philip Augustus was forced to abandon his design.
Battle of Bouvines (Philip Augustus ) French victory
Fought 1214 between the French under Philip Augustus, and the Germans, Flemish and English under Otho IV, the numbers engaged on both sides being considerable. The French gained a signal victory, which broke up the coalition and rendered the position of Philip Augustus secure on the throne of France.
Battle of Châlons (French-English Tournament catastrophe ) English victory
Arising out of a tournament in 1274, in which the life of Edward I was endangered by foul play, a fight in earnest took place between the English and French knights present. The French were worsted, and a considerable number slain. This fight is called the "Little" Battle of Chalons.

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