Servo-Bulgarian Wars

1885 to 1885
Wars resulting from the struggle for power after the Ottoman Empire withdrew from the Balkans.

Noteable Battles

Battle of Slivnitza (Servo-Bulgarian War ) Bulgarians victory
Fought November 17, 18 and 19, 1885, between the Servians, 28,000 strong, under King Milan, and Bulgarians, at first 10,000 in number, but reinforced on the night of the 17th and during the 18th, by a further 5,000, under Prince Alexander. On the 17th, Prince Alexander, who occupied a position strong against a frontal attack, but very vulnerable on his left, made a strong attack on the Servian left, to distract attention from his weak flank. This attack was repulsed, and on the following day the Servians attacked Alexander's left. Having been reinforced, however, he was able to beat them off, while a frontal attack was also repulsed with loss. On the 19th the Servian attacks were again unsuccessful, and by 3 p.m. they were in full retreat, pursued by the Bulgarians. The Servians lost about 2,000, the victors 3,000 in killed and wounded, in the three days.
Battle of Pirot (Servo-Bulgarian War ) drawn battle victory
Fought November 26 and 27, 1885, between 40,000 Servians, under King Milan, and 45,000 Bulgarians, under Prince Alexander. After some desultory fighting, the Bulgarians seized the town of Pirot in the course of the afternoon. At dawn on the 27th, the Servians, by a surprise attack, recovered Pirot, which was later retaken by the Bulgarians, though the Servians continued to hold a position to the south of the town till nightfall. Early next morning an armistice was concluded. The Bulgarians lost 2,500, the Servians 2,000 killed and wounded.

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