War of the Polish Succession

1734 to 0
Battle between France, Sweden and Germany for control of the Polish crown.

Noteable Battles

Siege of Philipsburg (East India Conquest ) French victory
This fortress, held by the Imperialists, was besieged 1734, by the French, under the Duke of Berwick. The Duke was killed by a cannon ball while visiting the trenches, but the place fell soon afterwards, notwithstanding the efforts of Prince Eugene to relieve it.
Battle of the Secchia   Imperials victory
Fought September 14, 1734, when the Imperialists, under Count Koningsegg, surprised the camp of the French army, under the Duc de Broglie, capturing 5,000 prisoners, 100 guns and the whole of the stores, baggage and ammunition.
Battle of Guastalla   French victory
Fought September 19, 1734, between the Imperialists, under the Prince of Würtemberg, and the French, under Marshal de Coligny. The Imperialists were defeated with a loss of about 4,000, including the Prince of Wiirtemberg. The French losses were about the same.
Battle of Bitonto   Spanish victory
Fought May 25, 1734, between the Imperialists, 10,000 strong, and the Spaniards under Mortemar. The Imperialists were driven from a strong position, with heavy loss, and the victory resulted in the establishment of Spanish rule throughout the Neapolitan provinces.
Battle of Parma   French victory
Fought June 29, 1734, between the French, under Marshal de Coigny, and the Imperialists, 60,000 strong, under General de Mercy. The Imperialists were defeated with a loss of 6,000, including de Mercy. The French loss was almost as heavy.
Battle of Quistello   Imperials victory
Fought July, 1734, between the Imperialists, under Prince Eugene, and the French, under the Duc de Broglie. Prince Eugene gained a signal victory.

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