Syrian Wars

244 to 198 B.C.
Wars for Control of Syria between Seleucid and Ptolemy Empires.

Noteable Battles

244 BC  
Battle of Antioch (Third Syrian War-Ptolemy ) Ptolemy victory
Fought B.C. 244, between the Syrians under Seleucus Callinicus and the Egyptians under Ptolemy Energetes. Seleucus was routed and compelled to take refuge within the walls of Antioch.
242 BC  
Battle of Ancyrae (Yoshinaka's Rebellion ) Gauls victory
Fought B.C. 242, between the Syrians under Seleucus Callinicus, and the rebels under his brother Hierax, aided by a large contingent of Gauls. After a desperate struggle, in which Hierax nearly lost his life at the hands of his barbarian auxiliaries, Seleucus was utterly routed.
223 BC  
Battle of Raphia (Judea Campaign ) Ptolemy victory
Fought B.C. 223, between the Egyptians, under Ptolemy Philopator, and the Syrians, under Antiochus the Great. Antiochus at first held the advantage, but pressing too far in the pursuit, was overpowered and totally routed. The Syrians lost 14,000 killed and 4,000 prisoners.
214 BC  
Battle of the Arius (Fifth Syrian War-Rhodes ) Seleucids victory
Fought B.C. 214, between the Syrians under Antiochus the Great, and the Parthians and Bactrians under Arsaces III, and Euthydemus. Antiochus was severely wounded, but remained at the head of his troops, and completely routed the enemy with enormous loss.
201 BC  
Battle of Lade (Fifth Syrian War-Rhodes ) drawn battle victory
Fought B.C. 201, between the Rhodian fleet, under Theophiliscus, and the Macedonians, under Heraclides. The Macedonians had rather the better of the encounter, though both sides claimed the victory.
201 BC  
Battle of Chios (Fourth Syrian War-Ptolemy ) Rhodes victory
Fought B.C. 201 between the Macedonian fleet, 48 triremes and some smaller vessels under Philip, and the combined fleets of Rhodes and Pergamus under Theophiliscus and Attalus. Philip was defeated with the loss of half his ships, 3,000 killed and 5,000 prisoners. The allies lost 6 ships and 800 men.
198 BC  
Battle of Mount Panium (Third Syrian War-Ptolemy ) Seleucids victory
Fought B.C. 198, between the Syrians, under Antiochus the Great, and the Greeks and Egyptians, under Scopas. Scopas was routed, and Antiochus took possession of all the territory held by Egypt in Asia, up to the frontier of Egypt proper.

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