Historical Maps of Ancient Rome

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Maps of Republican Italy

Central Italy

Italy, 500 BC

Vicinity of Rome

Italy, 250 BC

Northern Italy

Southern Italy

Northern Italy

Southern Italy

Regions of Imperial Rome

Voyage of Aeneas

Gaul in Caesar's Age

Western Empire

Roman Africa

Rhine, 200 AD

Gallia, 200 AD

Germania, 200 AD

Asia Minor, 300 AD

Danube, 200 AD

Asia Minor, 188 BC

Asia Minor, 100 BC

Asia Minor, 90 BC

Asia Minor, 63 BC

Roman Empire

Roman Empire, 44 BC

Roman Empire, 180 AD

Roman Empire, 200 AD

Roman Empire, 200 AD

Roman Empire, 395 AD

Hunnic Empires, 450 AD

Eastern Empire, 476 AD

Eastern Empire, 486 AD

Barbarian Migrations

Byzantine Empire

Germanic Kingdoms

East Roman Empire

Maps of Ancient Cities

Vicinity of Rome

Republican Rome

Republican Rome

Imperial Forum


Republican Forum

Imperial Rome

Imperial Rome


Battle Maps

Second Punic—218 BC

Metaurus River—208 BC

Teutoberg Forest—9 AD

Chalons—451 AD