Historical Maps of Ancient Greece

    Romans and Visigoths     Moors of Spain     Rise of Christian Spain     Exploration     Hapsburg Spain
    Bourbon Spain     Mexico     South America     Aztecs and Incas

Maps of the Ancient Hispania


Roman Empire on the Eve of the Visigoths

Moors of Spain

Spain in 910

Spain in 1037

Spain in 1212-1492

Rise of Christian Spain

Iberian Peninsula, 12th Century

Iberian Peninsula, 1257-1492

Spain in 1150


Early Voyages in the Pacific

Discoveries of Columbus

Georgia Claims and Spanish Boundary

European Claims in the New World

North America, 1492-1564

West Indies and Central America, 1492-1525



Mexico and West Indies, 1650

Mexico and West Indies, 1763

West Indies and Central America

Conquest of Mexico, 1519-1521

Mexico, Central America, West Indies

South America

South America Political

Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Brazil and Guiana

Chile, Argentina, Uruguay

Population of South America

South America under Spain and Portugal

19th Century South America