Christian Europe—Arts and Culture

800 to 1600
Song of Roland to Machelangelo

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Characters—Arts and Culture

Character/Date Short Biography

Visual Arts

Painter and Architect of the early Renaissance.
Fra Angelico
Renaissance painter well known for his many Frescos for the Vatican. Recently beatified.
Sandro Botticelli
Renowned Florentine painter, patronized by the de Medici's. Painted 'The Birth of Venus' and 'Primavera'.
Leonardo da Vinci
One of the most brilliant men of any age, Leonardo was artist, inventor, engineer, and scientist.
Albrecht Durer
German painter from Nuremburg best known for his early printings, and associate with the Reformation.
Great sculptor and painter of the Renaissance. Works included David, the Pieta, and Sistine Chapel
Raphael Santi
Florentine painter of the High Renaissance. Contemporary of de Vinci and Michelangelo.
Peter Paul Rubens
Seventeenth century Flemish painter, well known for portraits and historical paintings.

Literary Arts

Dante Alighieri
Poet who wrote his masterpiece The Inferno in Italian. It became universally known.
Francesco Petrarch
Renaissance poet and writer who republished and popularized many Roman and Greek classics.
Niccolo Machiavelli
Italian Diplomat famous for 'The Prince', a political treatise advocating deceipt and ruthless pursuit of power.

Timeline—Arts and Culture

Artists of the Early Renaissance (1300-1480)

Artists of the High Renaissance (1480-1580)

Baroque Artists(1580-1700)

Composers and Musicians

Literary Arts

Recommended Reading—Arts and Culture

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Core Reading Assignments

Tappan - When Knights Were Bold    (entire book)  
Macgregor - Stories from Dante    (entire book)  

Supplemental Recommendations

Steedman - Knights of Art    entire book
Baldwin - The Story of Roland    entire book
Baldwin - The Story of Siegfried    entire book
Upton - The Nibelungs    entire book
Church - Stories of Charlemagne    entire book

Easy Reading Selections

Evans - Old Time Tales    (entire book)  
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