Athenian Social War

B.C. 357 to 355
Athens — versus — Rebellious colonies: Chios, Rhodes, and Cos

Athens Social
The Athenian Social War broke out when the Ionian colonies of Chios, Rhodes, Cos and Byzantium, overthrew their democratic governments, and revolted against Athens' domination of their confederacy. An Athenian fleet was dispatched to Chios to put down the rebellion, but one of the commanders was killed and the fleet retreated. The remaining commander was Chares, who set forth on another expedition to the Hellespont to attack Byzantium, but was again defeated. Eventually the rebellious colonies went on the offensive, and attacked Lemnos, Imbros, and Samos, which had remained loyal to Athens.

Chares attempted to continue the war by working in the service of a Persian satrap, but the arrangements eventually fell through and Athens was forced to concede defeat and recognize the independence of its rebellious confederates. This war effectively ended Athens attempt to rebuild its empire. It was still one of the foremost states in Greece, but was no longer in a position to assume dominance in a confederacy of Greek city states.

DateBattle Summary
357 BC  
Battle of Chios   Chians victory
Chios having risen against Athenian rule in B.C. 357, a fleet of 60 ships under Chabrias and Chares was sent to reduce it. A force having been landed, a joint attack was made by the fleet and the army, but in attempting to enter the harbour, the galley of Chabrias, which led the way, was surrounded and overpowered, Chabrias falling. The troops were then withdrawn, and the attack abandoned.
356 BC  
Battle of Embata   Chians victory
Fought B.C. 356, when an Athenian fleet of 120 sail, under Chares, designed to attack the Chians, with l00 galleys, in the straits between Chios and the mainland. The day proving stormy, however, his colleagues Iphicrates and Timoleon declined the enterprise as too hazardous, and Chares attacking alone, with a third of the fleet, was defeated with heavy loss.

Short Biography
Iphicrates Athenian General who engaged in the Corinthian War as well as the Athenian Social War.
Chares Athenian General who was in charge of the fleet during the Athenian Social War, and also at Chaeronea.
Timotheus Athenian Admiral, son of Conon.

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