Trojan War

circa 1000 B.C.
Mycenaean Greeks — versus — Trojans

Trojan War Hector
From the Mortals' point of view, the Trojan War began when a beautiful Greek Princess named Helen was kidnapped by Paris, a Trojan Prince. In order to honor a previously agreed upon pact, all of the Kings of Greece form an alliance to go to war with Troy and win her return. From the point of view of the Gods however, the Trojan War is the result of some bickering between jealous Goddesses on Mount Olympus, with Aphrodite and her lover Ares favoring the cause of Troy, but Athena, Hera and their allies, on the side of the Greeks.

Most of the action of the Iliad takes place in the last year of the war, when the two Greek leaders Achilles and Agamemnon argue over a slave girl, and Achilles, who is considered the Greek’s greatest warrior, lays down his weapons and refuses to fight. Achilles sulks and sits out the battle until his best friend Patroclus is killed. At that point his desire for revenge overtakes his self-pity and he leads the Greeks to a great victory before being killed himself.

Short Biography
Agamemnon Leader of Greeks in the Trojan War. Killed by his wife upon his return home.
Achilles Greatest Warrior on the Greek side in the Trojan War. Invincible except for his heel.
Odysseus Greek hero of the Trojan war, famous for his wiles and craft. Central character of Homer's Odyssey.
Hector Hero of Troy. Son of King Priam.
Aeneas Hero of Virgil's Aeneid. Prince of Troy who escaped from the burning city and after a long voyage, settled in Italy and became the ancestor of Romulus.

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